Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Catch Up

It seems like forever since I've written anything here so I'll just briefly write down what's happened with everyone.

My husband is now the worship leader. Again. I am trying to stay out of it as much as possible. I would like to help him but I know that I will have to be assertive and I don't know if I'm up for the challenge, but I will wait to see where God shows me I need to be.

Ronn the percussionist has graduated and will be attending the college of his choice here in IL. I won't say where it is here because of privacy. He is still struggling with social problems. He wants to hang out with people but he has no one to do it with at the moment. However, he just returned from a missions trip and he had a great time. He came back recharged. We are all looking forward to the day when he goes to his first day away. All. of. us.

Hermionie is 16, therefore she has partially lost her mind. She is self centered, messy beyond words and has an attitude. However, she has also been to two music camps and practices her flute at least an hour and a half a day, usually more. She is staying out of trouble, but is in her own little music world. I am trying to make her life a little more balanced but it is really out of my control.

Harrey the youngest is now 6'4 1/2" (193cm) and  is more or less addicted to games, tv and Star Trek. We have been doing a continuous marathon and are now on Deep Space Nine. I am enjoying it with him, since I didn't watch it regularly when it was broadcast. He is eating us out of house and home, vacillates between crabby, bored and silly. He is officially on sousaphone and is taking a few lessons. He needs to get back into the trumpet too. And the boy needs to do something else besides play Minecraft and his other computer games.

I've lost over 35 pounds. Hurray for me! Weight Watchers is working for me and I am so thankful. I am continuing with a counselor, which has helped me a lot the past year and a half. I am being built up again. A little more confident. A little more healthier. I thought that I should be done by now but I see that I was wounded more than I thought.

I plan to blog a little more often than once a month. On Saturday, I have to drive 4 hours to Michigan and pick up my youngest from Boy Scout camp. Blogging gets pushed aside for these things.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Friday Flailings

1 I've lost 20 pounds this year. I'm doing Weight Watchers. It's working. It's hard but it's doable.

2 We are past February and we are done with it. Ronn the actor had tech week for his play; he played Mr. Salt and the Narrator in The Beauty and The Beast.

The following week Ronn the percussionist and Hermionie the flautist were downtown almost every day for their large ensemble/symphony on Friday, small ensembles on Saturday and a mad dash to Lemont, IL for a high school competition. We made that competition with 10 minutes to spare; Hermionie had to run to change into her dress and perform. Ronn the percussionist lucked out and only had to get his sticks ready as he was already in his tuxedo.

3 Harrey the trumpeter got a 1 for solo ensemble, which is fantastic. It was very obvious that he practiced. His tone is beautiful. His technique was terrible. Technique would be the way he plays the quicker notes. He's going to work on them. He is getting lessons and is improving.

4 Next week we will be getting a tuba for him to start back on. He played tuba all last year, loved it but his conductor needed a strong trumpet. I am not really into him going back and forth, but we will see.

Harrey is also the Boy Scout and wants to be the bugler. He has the music so all he has to do is learn it and do it. That's "all."

5 We bought a new vehicle. It is a 2013 Kia Sorrento. I will post a picture of it when I get a chance. Gas mileage is good, the heated seats are a DREAM, and it's a newer model. It seats 4 comfortably, 5 mostly comfortably and 7 uncomfortably.

Our other cars are 1990 Honda Civic that just its 25th birthday in January and a 1996 Isuzu Oasis.

Our mechanic told us to buy a new car. Yes, that bad. We will be parting with the Civic which hurts emotionally, believe it or not. My husband bought that car a month before we met. It has served us well over the many years. The minivan wins because of the amount of large people we have in our family and the stuff we have to schlep around.


Tomorrow is solo ensemble for the high schoolers and Ronn the senior's last one.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five

1 Ronn the actor is in his final high school play tonight. He has been in a play each of his high school years, similar to me. I was a Thespian, a committed actor, as my son is committed to music.

It is a bittersweet ending. He wanted a larger part but honestly he had no time. He thought that by being in the play he would have friendships like he did his freshman and sophomore year. People are friendly but he does not hang out with anyone there. We are hoping that will change in college.

2 Speaking of college, he was accepted into the school of music in one of his favorite schools. But it is not *the* favorite. He is upset that things are not going his way. I feel bad that he feels bad but I think this will be the place he lands.

3 Daughter Hermionie is sick with a cold-again. I think it's something to do with overworking herself. She will be home tonight resting before a long day on Saturday.

4 Harrey has a solo ensemble competition tomorrow. He does not work as hard as the other two and it is an unending source of irritation for me. I have to let it go and let him sort it out.

5 I have lost 17.6 pounds since the beginning of January. Weight Watchers is working for me but it is still hard.

It was a shock to see how much I weighed when I started but I faced it and I did not turn into dust. The actual weight loss has the added benefit of extra energy and so my house is benefiting. I know. I'm at home and my house should be spic and span. It's not but I'm working on it. At least more than I have.


I woke this morning with a song on my mind. I heard it when I was a new believer probably 25 years ago. What a lovely blessing it is to hear it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two Days in a Life - Sunday, Day 1

My daughter Hermionie had to go to a music competition north of the city. Normally it would talk about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to get there from our house. Normal weather, including rain.

I live in Chicago.

To get to our destination we avoided the toll roads and drove through the city. This is what we came upon. I was going to say ran into, but that would be a terribly poor choice of words, in more ways than one.


We were going northbound but the accident happened in southbound traffic. It took us at least an hour to go about 2 miles. When we finally got through, the roads were terrible. Snow everywhere. Icy roads and crazy drivers who felt liberated and rushed from being in the horrendous traffic jam.

As we got closer to our destination, the snow got worse. It was almost white out conditions. Then I couldn't find the place. And why was that? I googled it and had the directions. Well, the directions on google were incorrect and I would have known that had my daughter forwarded the email from her conductor. The mother of my daughter's friend had to go in the snowy street and flag me down.

We got there in the nick of time. The parents and I dare say, the conductor, were probably angry at me. Why? Because I didn't have a smartphone and didn't take a different route.

Poor Hermionie. I felt so bad for her and upset and humiliated. The parents' look of disdain was just awful. So awful.

I took a different road back and honestly, there was no snow on the ground. It was all lake effect snow.

When I got back I slept for about 2 1/2 hours. The next day I faced a 3 hour ride to Decatur, IL.

More tomorrow.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mom Meltdown

There comes a time where once in a while you've just had enough.

My daughter Hermionie and her father just pushed me over the edge.

Her room was bad. There were two full baskets of clothing on her floor. I took a third full basket of dirty clothes to the laundry room. I don't know what's clean, what's dirty or what is to be kept or discarded.

I washed two of the loads. The other load are things that need to be hung to dry, like pants or button down shirts. I washed them and dried them and I folded them. I told her that I wanted to go through and get rid of things. She said that she would do this herself. She has said that for months now.

I had a pile of clothing. I had folded them. All she had to do was say "yes, I'll keep" or "no, get rid of." She said that this made her feel like a baby and she would do it herself. Her father, at the computer, sat oblivious. He had been laughing at how we were raising "divas." I agreed. I told her she was acting like a diva. She said she wasn't and why was I calling her that. I said to ask her father.

Know what he says? "Well, what is a diva?"

She refused to do what I asked. I put the laundry in the basket and said I was done. She laughed and went upstairs.

I told my husband thank you for backing me up. I told him that he saw all the clothes, that he knew about the mess and that he did not support me in getting this done. He looked like I had three heads and didn't know what I was talking about.

I told him, ok, I shouted, that I was going to leave the house and that no one listens to me and that he never backs me up. Then he sighed and said, "Ok. Should I go upstairs?"

I went to the library.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Snow on the Southside

Today my youngest son started the snow blower all by himself. It was a lovely moment for me and I'm so proud of the job that he did. Ronn the percussionist took 20 minutes to get dressed, shoveled a little bit and then went inside. He wouldn't have done the steps except I asked him.  Oh well, he did it anyway.


Yesterday this was completely clean.

There is something lovely about the snow. It absorbs the sound and at the moment there are no airplanes. Not a lot of cars either. The quiet is lovely.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Musings

Ronn the practice child and I went to visit one of the state Universities on Friday. We had to leave early because I'm a nervous driver and was worried about getting there on time.

I hate driving city but love driving on the highway.  I hear people complaining about the flat prairie farm fields but I enjoy it. I remember as a kid hating it. It was so boring but you know, I managed and I managed alone.

We got there and arrived in time for the music department presentation. We also saw two other students from their music school. We did not get to spend much time together because my son was going on a different course. Music Technology.

He interviewed with several instructors and came out of there a little shaken. He was looking forward to trying out for the drum line of the marching band. And doing symphony. The teachers told him that he would not be able to do as much outside activities as he would like and that it's a tough program. I was so pleased. It was a wake up call that showed him where his heart is and that is in performance.

Not that I want him to become a performer full time. No. I want him to be able to realistically look at life and work and what a dream means. My husband has played music his entire life. Is he paid? No, not really. But he has consistently done music for 40 plus years. That's pretty amazing. It's not that you can't do music. It's just that you may have to rethink what it will look like long term.


Weight Watchers is going pretty well. I have more energy than I have had in a long time and that is reflected in my home. I purged a lot of clothing that I haven't worn in many years and will be donating them. I asked the kids to do the same. I haven't even talked to my husband about it. Not really. He has trouble getting rid of things period. It can wait, I suppose.


In my latest crocheting efforts, I am debating the colors of this scarf.

I worked on it while we were waiting for my son's interview at the university. The ribbon colors are supposed to reflect Autism Awareness. I didn't realize that they were rainbow colors when I bought the yarn. Still I think I'm just going to go for it. They look nice and bright against the black. Just what I was looking for.


Still no luck on our vehicle. I am hemming and hawing about the size of the vehicle. The kids are older and I'm not sure that we need a minivan anymore. We're looking at a mid size SUV with great gas mileage. It's small though and the one we're looking at is what I would call "stripped." However it's in our price range and it's a year old with low mileage. We'll see.